Updated September 2016. 

Ezzy Lynn has partnered with WWF-Canada on their species adoption program. Currently, Ezzy Lynn has symbolically adopted the following endangered species: 

 Animal Number of Adoptions Conservation Status
Grey Wolf 18
Amur Leopard 6 Critically Endangered
African Elephant 7 Vulnerable
Giant Panda 7 Endangered
Gorilla 6
Tree Kangaroo 8 Priority Species 
Orca 5
Polar Bear  12
River Otter
Snow Leopard 3 Critically Endangered
Arctic Fox 1
Dolphin 3
Emperor Penguin 2
Giraffe 3
Great White Shark
Kermode Bear  3
Leatherback Turtle 9 Critically Endangered
Lion 10
Red Panda 5
Rhino 5 Critically Endangered
Seahorse 7
Sea Turtle 5
Wild Horse 2
Beluga 3 Near Threatened 
Blue Shark  4
Black Jaguar  5
Flamingo 3
Caribou 1
Koala 1
Arctic Hare 1
Total Adoptions 166


The WWF-Canada animal adoptions are symbolic, which means you're helping us save all animals at risk, not just one. The WWF-Canada works around the world to help protect species at risk and the habitats they call home. Your support goes a long way in helping make these efforts possible.