About Us

Our Story

We are three young and entrepreneurial new graduates from Western University who met at our campus entrepreneurship centre. After discovering how few women were in the startup space at that time, we knew we had to start something together -  #dreamteam. We launched Ezzy Lynn in May 2014 and have ambitious plans for what's to come. 



Our Model

Ezzy Lynn is a lifestyle brand of trendsetting apparel and accessories. Each item represents a unique endangered animal which we adopt through WWF-Canada from proceeds of each sale. Wildlife conservation is so important and together we can have a big impact.

Corporate Social Responsibility

For us, corporate social responsibility is more than simply donating a percentage of profits to the WWF. We strive to be socially and environmentally conscious from creation to delivery of our products. 

Ezzy Lynn cares not only about what happens to the profit made from the sale, but how the product was made and how it is delivered. All print materials, including our shipping mailers, are locally sourced within Ontario and composed of 100% recycled materials. We also work with local vintage boutiques in Queen West to repurpose their excess textile donations through Premium Vintage Scrunchie collection. 



Ezzy and Lynn

After reflecting on our own personal styles, we couldn’t pinpoint a particular trend or look that we consistently sought after. Whether it was boho, or grunge or corporate chic, we’ve each been inspired by a broad range of fashion. We didn’t want to limit our customer in that way either so we created personas for Ezzy and Lynn.

Ezzy lives a compassionate, free spirited lifestyle: she buys her groceries at a farmer’s market, wears vintage clothing, isn’t afraid to go barefoot and loves hot yoga. Ezzy adores wild cats, shopping online and attending music festivals.

Ezzy's picks: River Otter, Grey Wolf and Amur Leopard scrunchie.

Lynn values her sophisticated regimen: she works in a corporate environment, wears expensive perfume, exclusively eats clean and never misses pilates. Lynn shops high-end, is well networked and loves her pet cat. Both ladies appreciate the 'details' and unite over one product: the scrunchie.

Lynn's picks: Sea Horse, Leatherback Turtle and Hippo scrunchie.



Ezzy Lynn

a: London + Toronto 

p: 519 857 8033

e: pr@ezzylynn.com