Black Cable Stitch Headband
Taupe Cable Stitch Headband

Cable Stitch Headbands

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  • Hand knit from 100% acrylic fibers
  • Lightweight, soft and warm, with a wool-like feel  
  • Available in 3 colours: Black, Taupe and Maroon 
  • We ship worldwide from Toronto, Canada 
  • Ezzy Lynn x WWF-Canada 
  • Proceeds from this sale will be used to symbolically adopt a Polar Bear 
  • 9 Polar Bears have been adopted by Ezzy Lynn so far!

Why we care:

Polar bears depend on sea ice for their existence and are directly impacted by climate change. The survival and the protection of the polar bear habitat are urgent issues for WWF.

Taupe Cable Stitch Headband
Hand Knit Headband
Cable Stitch Headbands
Cable Stitch Headbands