3 unique animals so cute we can't even

Red Panda 

Is it a bear? a raccoon? a fox? Scientists were stumped too and gave them their own family: the Ailuridae. Red pandas are endangered, victims of deforestation. Their natural space is shrinking as more and more forests are destroyed by logging and the spread of agriculture.

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Arctic Fox

Queen Elsa would be all over this. These beauties can survive frigid temperatures as low as -50°C. Like us, they mix up their styles and sport a brown coat for summer and white in winter. The ladies have their men on lock down; Arctic Foxes are totally monogamous. 

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Tree Kangaroo

On land, Tree Kangaroo are slow and clumsy. Leaning their body far forward to balance their heavy tail, they pace and hop awkwardly. Throw these guys in a tree though and they're bold and surprisingly agile. Tree Kangaroos are total veggies surviving on a year-round bikini diet of flowers and grass shoots. 

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